Please Note: All litters published on the Hungarian Vizsla Club website have been bred by members of the Club who have declared to the Club that the litter has been bred within the Code of Best Practice of the Club’s rules and the Kennel Club Code of Ethics attached to the Club Rules.

The Hungarian Vizsla Club recommend that any prospective purchaser of a puppy reads the Club Rules and the KC Code of Ethics and ensure that they have been followed. If you have not met a Vizsla and wonder whether they would be a suitable dog for you and your family before you commit yourself to visit any litter of puppies, please contact any committee member who will be able to arrange for you to visit an experienced Vizsla owner in your area to give you the opportunity to get acquainted with a Vizsla first hand and who will be able to answer any questions you may have about the Breed.

Please also check out our list of approved breeders  – some may be planning litters in the near future.
* The Hungarian Vizsla Club does not endorse or recommend any particular breeder *

For member wishing to advertise their forthcoming or current litters here a Puppy Advert Request Form can be completed online here, or in PDF (2) format for printing.
This service is free after you have been a member for a twelve months, although a donation to Welfare is always appreciated.

From 1st April 2016 you must be a member of The Hungarian Vizsla Club for a 12 month period prior to advertising puppies on this website.

Completed application forms should be sent by email to the Club Secretary or posted to
Mrs Margo Robertson,
25 Rickards Close,
Surbiton KT6 6RN.
Tel: 020 8399 8837.

litter details 
Area: Ely CambsTel: 01353 624443
Mrs & Mrs P Joyce
Dam: Ranchstar Alice Tinker
Hipscore: 4/4
Sire: Alsziv English Oak
Hipscore: 7/7
Date of Birth
April 2017
Puppies available
6 dogs
docked: no
dewclaws removed: No
microchipped: yes
pedigree endorsed: yes
litter details 
area: Hertfordshire
breeder: Martin & Jayne Woodcock
tel: 01707 646068
dam: Glengamna Katiya
elbows: 0
Eyes: Clear
sire: Summerpoint Carl
elbows: 0
Eyes: Clear
puppies available:date of birth:Exp 1/05/17
dewclaws removed:yes
pedigree endorsed:yes
litter details 
area:Yoxall DE13
Mrs Penny Williams
Tel: 01543 473220
dam: Bournehouse Cordelia
hipscore: 5/6
sire: Daxpack Risk Taker Rainscotehipscore: 7/5
Elbows: 0

puppies available: 7date of birth: 10-4-17
dogs: 5
bitches: 2
details:docked: No
dewclaws removed: Yes
microchipped: Yes
pedigree endorsed: yes
litter details 
area: Burton on Trent
Helen Gore
tel: +012837925554
dam: Helsim Over the Rainbow
hipscore: 3.6=9
sire: Bitcon Bush Man
hipscore: 7.3=10

puppies available:Expected date of birth: 24.06.2017
details:docked: No
dewclaws removed: Yes
microchipped: Yes
pedigree endorsed: Yes
litter details 
Tonbridge Kent
Mrs Susan Millson
01892 834178
dam: Lutra Lakeside Questhipscore: 4/5=9
eye tested: clear. Goniodysgenesis unaffected
Cerebellar Ataxia-clear
sire: Tina Trading Neron At Karaszy ( Rus Imp)hipscore: 8/4=12
puppies available: 2 dogsdate of birth: 24/05/2017
details:docked: yes
microchipped: yes
pedigree endorsed: yes