Application to place puppies on HVC website
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I confirm that I have been a fully paid up member of the Hungarian Vizsla Club for 12 months prior to today's date. and that I agree to abide by, and that these puppies have been bred in accordance with, the Rules of The Hungarian Vizsla Club and the KC Code of Ethics. I have attached copies of all relevant health certificates other than hip/elbow scoring (These can be ascertained by reference to the KC website whereas other tests, ie eye, heart etc are not available, so we need to have sight of these before we can include in the details).
I wish to make a donation to Welfare of £___ . Please send cheques payable to “HV Welfare Charity” to: Mrs Heather McCormack, Mountmarle Cottage, Dryden Farm, Roslin. EH25 9PS. email: