Championship Show Judges 2023


Manchester                                    19th Jan 2023                    Mr T H Johnston

Crufts                                               9th March 2023                Mrs J Fairlie

Welks                                               28th April 2023                 Mr S Layton

Birmingham                                   4th May 2023                    Mrs C Brooks

SKC                                                   19th May 2023                 Mr F Kane

Bath                                                 26th May 2023                  Mr C B Bexon

Southern Counties                        2nd June 2023                   Mr D Alcorn

Three Counties                              8th June 2023                    Mrs H E Sutton

Border Union                                 17th June 2023                 Mrs V E Grant

Blackpool                                        23rd June 2023                 Mr R Oliveira


East of England                              6th July 2023                    Mr J Horswell


Paignton and District

National Gundog                           6th August 2023               Mrs L Upton

Bournemouth CA                          12th August 2023             Mr A C Allen

Welsh Kennel Club                        18th August 2023             Mrs C A Coode


City of Birmingham                       1st September 2023        Mrs D Stewart-Ritchie


Darlington                                      15th September 2023    Mrs L J Townsend

HVC                                                  24th September 2023      Mr K Grewcock



Gundog Society of Wales

South Wales KA                             13th October 2023           Mr R Mosedale

Midland Counties                          26th October 2023         Mrs P A Digby

GBAS                                                11th November 2023       Mrs M Hudson

LKA                                                   9th December 2023         Mrs R Da Silva