Please Note: All litters published on the Hungarian Vizsla Club website have been bred by members of the Club who have declared to the Club that the litter has been bred within the Code of Best Practice of the Club’s rules and the Kennel Club Code of Ethics attached to the Club Rules.

The Hungarian Vizsla Club recommend that any prospective purchaser of a puppy reads the Club Rules and the KC Code of Ethics and ensure that they have been followed. If you have not met a Vizsla and wonder whether they would be a suitable dog for you and your family before you commit yourself to visit any litter of puppies, please contact any committee member who will be able to arrange for you to visit an experienced Vizsla owner in your area to give you the opportunity to get acquainted with a Vizsla first hand and who will be able to answer any questions you may have about the Breed.

Please also check out our list of approved breeders  – some may be planning litters in the near future.
* The Hungarian Vizsla Club does not endorse or recommend any particular breeder *

For member wishing to advertise their forthcoming or current litters here a Puppy Advert Request Form can be completed online here,
or in PDF format for printing.
This service is available to members only and is free, although a donation to Welfare is always appreciated.


Completed application forms should be sent by email to website administrator or posted to
Heather McCormack

There are currently no litters listed