Hungarian Vizsla Championship Show 

held at Springwood Park, Kelso. 4 October 2021

Judge – Mr David Todd (Chataway)

From left to right: Best Puppy and Res Bitch CC; Bitch CC; Dog CC; Res Dog CC and Best Veteran.

BIS & BCC Armstrong’s Bitcon Imagine That

RBIS & DCC Kelly’s ShCh Int/Cro/Lux/Serb/Porto/Belg Ch Aceweiss Possum Magic at Risley

RDCC Miles’ Layways Stormzy

BPIS & RBCC Layway’s Cinnamon Girl

RBPIS Harrison’s Glenbrows By Design

BVIS Bradley’s ShCh Vizslanya Vivmany by Highforce JW ShCM ShCEx

Hungarian Vizsla Club Championship Show. 26th September 2021 – Judge Keith Groom

BIS & DCC Harper’s Metropolis Patriarch Nexus by Pitswarren (AI) (Imp Aus)

RBIS & BCC Rutherford’s Kincsem Sariska

BPIS Glenbrows By Design     RBPIS Facanvadasz Banu                        

BVIS ShCh Vizslanya Vivmany by Highforce JW ShCM ShCEx     RBVIS Oroshaza Ulric of Dinnsearmor

MPD 1 Highforce All or Nothing 2 Zebec Frankel

PD 1 Glenbrows By Design 2 Highforce All Or Nothing 3 Vizash Crisanto Del Aquadoro 4 Zebec Frankel

YD 1 Roughshoot Overboard of Ulurudawn

ND 1 Glenbrows By Design 2 Roughshoot Overboard of Ulurudawn 3 Highforce All Or Nothing

GD1 Robglen Regan Boy 2 Kalisz Tarly

PGD Vadaszfai Csapodar at Szelkiraly (ImpHun) 2 Kaliysz Tarly

LD 1 Kincsem It’s Now Or Never 2 Vizslanya Aragonia JW 3 Aldom Dark N’Stormy 4 Topaeris Shadow 5 Alfizsbet Pike O’Stickle von Argyros

OD 1 Metropolis Patriach Nexus by Pitswarren (AI)(Imp Aus) 2 Sh Ch Daxpack Risk Taker Rainscote 3 Karaszy’s Glorious Legacy 4 Highforce Future Legend for Vizslanya JW

VD 1 Oroshaza Ulric of Dinnsearmor 2 Roughshoot Ishmael

DCC Harper’s Metropolis Patriarch Nexus by Pitswarren (AI) (ImpAus)    RDCC Sh Ch Daxpack Risk Taker Rainscote     BPD Glenbrows By Design

MPB 1 Dinnsearmor’s Lochindaal 2 Zebec Charmed Spirit 3 Vizslanya Csibe  4 Highforce I Feel Free 5 Sargasbarna Iron Lady

PB 1 Facanvadasz Banu 2 Piroska’s Lady Isteni 3 Zebec Charmed Spirit 4 Chica Queen of Locura at Aldom TAF NAF 5 Vizslanya Csok

JB 1 Facanvadasz Banu 2 Osmonds Bella Lestrange

YB 1 Danton Obsession 2 Pitswarren Incantata 3 Nordicfield Dawn Run 4 Pitswarren Gloriana 5 Omri Ruda Szata NAF

NB 1 Nordicfield Dawn Run 2 Omri Ruda Szata NAF 3 Oroshaza Ivy with Dinnsearmor 4 Vizslanya Csibe

GB 1 Pitswarren Gloriana

PGB 1 Menta of Skyrocket at Szelkiraly (Imp Hun) 2 Your Choice Mega Heist by Caorunn (Imp Swe)

LB 1 Kincsem Sariska 2 Bitcon Camden JW 3 Vizslanya Sziena JW 4 Nevedith Nyari Gail 5 Highforce I Want It All

OB 1 Pitswarren Sorbonne JW 2 Piroseg Mandarin of Perllanside JW 3 Vizslanya Dunaviz JW 4 Recuerdo Monika of Caorunn 5 Aldom Rose Fizz Bel Jun Ch

VB 1 Sh Ch Vizslanya Vivmany by Highforce JW ShCM ShCEx 2 Kincsem Enna Llatsew 3 Topaeris Summer Love

FTB Oroshaza Fiocchi of Dinnsearmor 

Brace 1 Mrs R Warner 2 Mrs W & L Shaw

BCC Kincsem Sariska     RBCC Danton Obsession     BPB Facanvadasz Banu 

Schedules are available now for the Club Open Show on Sunday 15th March

Judge: Seonaid McAndrew (Brackenmist)

The Margaret Holmes Special Award Classes: Penny Connolly (Paaviz)


Championship Show 6th October 2019

Judge: Mrs Anne Knight
Dog C.C and Best in Show: Dorogi’s Nemzet Kincse Orion
Reserve dog C.C. and Reserve Best in Show: Cruickshank’s Topaeris Shadow
Bitch C.C: Cruickshank’s Topaeris Summer Love
Reserve Bitch C.C.: Barnard’s Ch Daxpack Henrietta
Best Puppy in Show: Roe’s Sargasbarna Rocket Man by Pirospont
Reserve Best Puppy in Show: Grant’s Sargasbarna Igaza Tulelo

Special Awards Classes Results and Judges Critique

Full results and Judges Critique

Open Show 17th March 2019


Best in Show: Harper’s Sh Ch Magnus Fortuna Pitswarren
Reserve Best in Show: Dorogi’s Nemzet Kincse Orion
Best Puppy in Show: Harper’s Pitswarren Sorbonne
Reserve Best Puppy in Show: Mills’ Karrouki Wildfire

Judge: Jean Cameron (Kasprowy)

Full Results – Open Show  and Special Awards Classes 17th March 2019

Judges Critique with photos

Critique – Specials Classes 17th March 2019


Championship Show

30th September 2018

Judge: Mr Frank Kane

Best in Show: Rutherford’s KINCSEM ENNA LLATSEW

Reserve Best in Show: Porter-Manning & Porter’s WALLAROO ALL THAT JAZZ ShCM

Best Puppy in Show: Clark’s ERTEKES WINTER ANGEL

Full results here:

Ch Show results Sep 18

Special Awards Classes:

Judge: Rebecca Price (Aldom)

Results here:

Special Awards -Ch Show 2018


HVC Open Show

18th March 2018
Judge Donna Clubb (Greentimbers) Judges Critique
Special Awards Classes Judge Chris Guest (Bardantop) Critique- Guest


1 OCTOBER 2017

LB1, BCC & BIS Mr & Mrs S & K Challis’ Tarafield Anya Panni by Vizslanya
OD1, DCC & RBIS Mrs A Golby’s, Sh Ch Ciboney Fagan at Shadymoore
OD2, RDCC, Mrs L Townsend’s, Sh Ch Daxpack Risk Taker Rainscote
YB1, RBCC, Mrs T Mc Donald’s Donurie’s Katooni
MPD1, PD1, BPIS Mrs D & Mrs C Clubb & Mason, handling for Mrs A Black Oroshaza Quinn
MPB1, PB1, RBPIS Ms S Rutherford’s, Kincsem Sariska

Judge Gill Buller (Huntingate)

HVC Championship Show Critique October 2017

Special Awards Judge Karen Gold (Llassah)

HVC Championship Show Special Awards Critique

Some of the winners

BD & RBIS Mrs L J Townsend's Daxpack Risk Taker BB & Best in Show : Mrs S Barnard's Daxpack Henrietta

Hungarian Vizsla Club Open Show

19 March 2017   Brackely Leisure Centre

Judge Marcia Hudson (Rivellsparke) S

Hungarian Vizsla Club Open Show  19th March 2017

  Judge Mrs M Hudson (Rivellsparke)

Thank you for inviting me to judge  our lovely breed.

A big thank you to the stewards who were very supportive.

Pleased to say exhibits all had correct scissor bites. some of the feet were not as tight as they should be and eyes still to darken on the youngest exhibits.

BB  & Best in Show : Mrs S Barnard’s  Daxpack Henrietta

RBB  Mr JP & Mrs EJ Harper’s Pitswarren Zizi Jeanmaire JW

BD & RBIS   Mrs L J Townsend’s  Daxpack Risk Taker

BPIS  Mrs T Stapely’s  Roytan Zest

RBPIS  Mr M A Stanton’s Roytan Zodiac


Minor Puppy Dog (1)

1st.  Stanton Mr MA.  Roytan Zodiac.   Nice colour, correct tail set and tight feet, needs to grow into his frame, handler found it a challenge to stand him. RBP

Puppy Dog (1)

1st.  Stanton MR MA.  Roytan Zodiac .  (as above)

Junior Dog (2)

1st. Barrett Mrs L.  Karaszy’s  Glorious Legacy. Very nice boy, good colour, noble head , kind eye, good reach of neck and depth of chest, moderate angulation, front and rear, correct tail set, tight feet, level topline  on standing and on the move. Handled well.

2nd. Porter-Manning & Porter.  Wallaroo All That Jazz.  Another very nice dog, pleasing head and eye, good depth of chest, nicely angulated, moved well.

Yearling Dog (3) 1 ab

1st. Northwood Mr M & Mrs S.   Northey Emperor Del Acquadoro.  Pleasing head, good reach of neck, level topline  and correct tail set, well angulated, nice movement.

2nd. Porter-manning & Porter. Wallaroo All that Jazz.

Post Graduate Dog (2)

1st.  Harris Mrs L  Szajani  Szeder.  Noble head, lovely construction throughout, good forechest, level topline, correct tail set, tight cat- like feet, short nails, well muscled, moved very well round the ring. RBD

2nd. White  Mr T D & Mrs A M.   Lutra Lord Admiral By Arunszvar.  Noble head, longer in body than 1, nice angulation front and rear, good muscle tone, moved well.

Limit Dog (4) 1 ab

1st. Townsend Mrs L J.  Daxpack Risk Taker Rainscote. Superb dog, in excellent condition, noble head, correct eye colour, strong bone, good reach of neck and forechest,  nice spring of rib, level topline, balanced throughout, well muscled, covered the ground well. BD, RBIS

2nd  Bornett & Leigh Mrs JM & Miss S.  Roughshoot Ishmael.  Nice head and expression, good reach of neck, nice angulation, correct tail set and moved well.

3rd  Jones & Cutty Mr J & Mr E.  Sulisminerva Liber Von Logizspark

Open Dog (3)

1st.  Dasilva & Sexton Mr J & Mrs R.  Bournhouse Crispin. Lovely head & expression, good eye colour, deep chest, level topline, nice tail set & moderate angulation, tight feet, handled well.

2nd  Woodcock Mr M & Mrs J.  Glengamna Oska.  Pleasing head, lovely construction & topline, correct tail set, tight feet, good muscle tone, looked  good on the move.

3rd  Griffiths & Scott Ms V & Ms P.  SH CH Ulurudawn Cardinal Marker

Veteran Dog (4) 1 ab

1st  Northwood Mr M & Mrs S.  Ch Hookside Gabor. Super dog, noble head ,kind expression, good bone and depth of chest, level topline, correct front and rear angulation, well muscled, moved nicely, well handled.

2nd  White Mr T D & Mrs A M.  Parcroft Piros By Arunszvar.  Another very nice veteran, noble head & kind eye, moderate angulation, good musle tone, moved well.

3rd  Bornett & Leigh.  Zavis Loch Loyle

Field trial Dog (2)

1st   Harris Mrs S L.   Szajani Szeder.  Critique as in post Grad.

2nd   White Mr T D & Mrs A M.   Russetmantle Idaho of Arunszvar.  Noble head, nice coat and of good colour, moderate angulation, nice movement.

Minor Puppy Bitch (4) 1 ab

1st  Stapley  Mrs T.  Royton Zest. very nice eye catching 7 month old puppy, a beautiful head, sweet expression, good construction  throughout, good reach of neck and level topline, plenty of bone, deep chest,  nice tight feet, looked a picture in profile and moved well with handler, a promising future ahead. BPIS.

2nd  Davies Mrs B.  Roughshoot Juniper. Another nice puppy, pretty head, sweet expression  well angulated, tight feet and moved well.

3rd  Harper Mr JP & Mrs EJ.  Pitswarren Rauzan Selga

Puppy Bitch (6) 3 ab                                                                                                                                                            Critique as Minor Puppy Bitch

Junior Bitch(1)

1st  Worthington Mrs DLW.  Zavis Too Hot to handle.  Femine bitch, lovely colour, nice angulation, very happy little bitch but didn’t make it easy for her handler to stand or move her.

Yearling Bitch (3)1 ab

1st  Harper Mr JP 7 Mrs EJ. Zizi JeanMaire  JW.  Quality bitch, lovely head & expression, good reach of neck, nice size, good angulation front & rear, correct tail set and level topline, tight feet,moved and handled well. RBB

2nd  Joyce Mr S & Mrs P.  Ranchstar Mystique. Feminine head,  of good size, moderately angulated, preferred the movement of 1.

Post graduate Bitch (5) 3 ab

1st  Earl Mrs S A.  Daxpack Ouijaboard To Bonnyshoot.  Nice feminine bitch, kind eye, of good size & colour, nice deep chest, moderate angulation, tight feet, moved well for handler.

2nd  Drysdale  Mrs C.  Kincsem Royal Flush.  Another nice bitch  with sweet expression, nice angulation front & rear, level topline, didn’t move as well as 1 on the day.

Limit Bitch (11) 4 ab

1st  Barnard Mrs S.  Daxpack Henrietta.  A super bitch in tip top condition, lovely head, correct eye colour, good reach of neck and depth of chest,well angulated , level topline, correct tail set, good muscle tone, tight feet, stylish movement, handled very well, lots to like.  BB & BIS

2nd  Harper Mr JP & Mrs EJ. Pitswarren Norah Kovach JW.  Another very nice bitch, sweet feminine head, good reach of neck & depth of chest, correct tail set, moderate  angulation front & rear, moved well with handler.

Open Bitch (5) 3 ab

1st  Wall Miss J.  SH CH Affanleigh Sophie At Perllandside Sh CM.  Feminine head & kind eye,  moderate angulation front & rear,deep in chest, level topline moved out well.

2nd  Allen & Bloxham Misses BJ & S.  Gingibre take A Chance on Me. Sweet bitch, nice head and outline, good angulation front & rear, moved fine just preferred the overall movement of 1.

Veteran Bitch (8) 1 ab

1st  Price Mrs RJ.  SH CH Aldom Cristal. Lovely head & kind eye, good reach of neck & depth of chest, level topline , with nice tight feet, moved very well.

2nd  Whitfield Mr D R & Mrs S.  Alfizsbet Bonny Dawn. Lovely feminine bitch, well angulated front & rear, level topline , moved well with handler.

Field Trial Bitch (2)

1st  Harris Mrs SL. CH Szajani Sipos JW, ScCM.   Feminine head, kind eye,  good body proportion, tight feet, level topline , correct tail set, tight feet, moved & handled very well.

2nd  Barnard Mrs S. Daxpack Thorn Bird. Another  very nice bitch, lovely head, kind eye, nicely angulated front & rear, nice in profile & on the move.

 Champion stakes (2)

1st Griffiths & Scott Ms V & Ms P.  SH CH Ulurudawn Cardinal Marker.  Noble head, kind expression, deep chest, level topline, strong bone, good muscle tone, in good condition, moved well.

2nd  Wall Miss J.  SH CH Afanleigh Sophie at Perllandside Sh CM.  Feminine head, kind eye, good angulation front & rear, deep chest, level topline, preferred the movement of 1 in this class.

Brace (4)

1st   Mr T D & Mrs A M White  moved in unison, well handled.

2nd  Ms V Griffiths & Ms P Scott

3rd  Misses B J Allen & S Bloxham

4th Misses B J Allen & S Bloxham

John Wagstaff special working memorial stakes Dog/Bitch

1st  Griffiths & Scott Ms V & Ms P.  Sh Ch Ulurudawn Cardinal Marker. Noble  head,  nice construction,  level topline well muscled, handled well.

White Mr TD & Mrs AM.  Parcroft Piros by Arunszvar.  Not placed in the class as exibitor  unable to continue due to  taking a fall.  Wishing  Anthea   a speedy recovery.







Open Show 2017 – Special Awards-Judge Helen Gore

A massive thank you, first too the committee for kindly inviting me to judge the award classes. I felt it was a great honour to be asked by the breed club, and secondly to all those who entered their fabulous dogs for me to have my hands on, such quality including a Ch and a number of ShCh, a true privilege.

J (2,1a).

Barrett’s Karaszy’s Glorious Legacy 17 months a distinguished looking young dog, medium boned, standing on good feet, moderate angulation, maturing well on a balanced frame. Nice eye shape, gentle expression. Moved with drive, level topline. He has had a successful puppy and junior career, which I am sure will continue.

PG (6,2a) 

1 Harris’s Szajani Szeder just 2, in excellent condition, appeared well able to do a full days work, strong neck leading to well laid shoulders, good muscular tone, straight from behind with well developed thighs, moved with precision.

2 Northwood’s Northey Emperor Del Acquadoro 22months, another I really liked just not quite as mature as 1, standing provided a very balanced outline, good topline, a noble head with good shape eyes, lovely expression.

O (10,3a) what a class of quality, such a difficult decision.

1 DaSilva’s Bournehouse Crispin approaching 4, a distinguished, moderate package, a noble head, strong neck, elbows close, short level back, prominent breast bone, moderate angulation, straight behind, good tail set, moved with determination, handled to best advantage.

2 Harris’s Ch Szajani Sipos JW ShCM 7 years, a true Vizsla, medium in all things, lean noble head, balanced outline when standing, maintained on the move, good tail set and carriage.

Helen Gore

HVC Championship Show 2nd October 2016

We are having a special feature in Dog World covering our championship show, anyone wishing to place an ad alongside this feature using one of the photos taken at the show by Dog World photographer Samantha Webster needs to contact Samantha or 0121 4761374.…

Details of advertising rates contact Sharon Cox at Dog World Tel 01233 621877

Champ Show Results

Special Awards Results

HVC Championship Show

2nd October 2016   Judge: Fay Harris (Hanafor)

October 2nd, 2016

It was an honour to be invited to judge the Hungarian Vizsla Club Championship Show on 2nd October, 2016. Many thanks to the Committee and my Stewards and also to the exhibitors for their entries.  It may have been a long day but I think we all had a great day. I know I did and thank you all for your friendliness and sportsmanship.

I first attended one of the Club’s Championship shows back in 1994 and since then I have been to a few more UK Vizsla shows before this show. I believe the quality of your dogs has improved dramatically. Where once I would have thought Australia had better Vizslas than the UK, I now believe the reverse to be true. And I am talking about overall quality not a few dogs. So my congratulations on the consistency I saw. I did not see any tall dogs or short dogs, loose eyelids, loose skin on throats. I did not see any houndy heads, or big flat feet. I did not see any roached or dippy toplines. Full dentition was good, as were scissor bites. Colour mostly was good – perhaps a few pale and a few with more white than I like to see. Generally I saw medium, moderate dogs which is what the breed should be. I did think that there was greater depth of quality in the bitches

What I would have liked to see was more lay back of shoulder and more return of upper arm and with that, more length of upper arm. One other ingredient that I find very important in this breed and one I found missing is the noble or aristocratic look. The Veteran Dog had this look, especially in the head.

Minor Puppy Dog  (2,1)


6 month old puppy with good bone and feet, difficult to assess, needs training

Puppy Dog  (4,1)

1st Porter-Manning’s WALLAROO ALL THAT JAZZ

9 months old puppy, overall well balanced dog, moved well with reach and drive for one so young. Sound coming and going. Pleasing head. BPIS


6 month old puppy, larger than first place, and not co-ordinated on the move. Bone, feet, depth of chest all good.


Junior Dog  (7,1)


12 month old of correct breed type, good size and colour.Very pleasing head with correct eye shape and ear placement. Movement sound. In profile maintained balance and topline. Pleased to award him ResCC


13 month old, another quality youngster, larger than first dog. Well balanced head with wide open nostrils, correct eyes and ears. Long ribcage with good depth of chest. Excellent feet.


Yearling Dog (2)


19 month old dog of good size and colour. Correct head. Good lay back of shoulder giving good flow of neck into topline. Very good hindquarters.


Correct size and colour, good feet. Broader in skull than first dog and would have liked a longer upper arm to give more reach to match his drive.

Post Graduate Dog (6,1)


Well balanced dog of correct breed type. Moderate with angulation matching fore and aft. Moved soundly coming and going. Maintained topline in profile


Taller dog, a bit naughty but a lot to like about this dog. Pleasant head with very good eyes, made good eye contact which is important in a gundog.

3rd Bennet & Howard’s ARTILYMINIZ WISTERIA

Limit Dog (11,3)


Well balanced dog of correct type.Moderate in all respects. Good lay back of shoulder and depth of chest. Good feet. Moves with enthusiasm


Another well balanced dog of correct breed type. Not quite as balanced as first place getter nor as well behaved. I did prefer this dog’s head.


Open Dog (3)


Mature 7 year old dog of good breed type. Moderate angulation with good depth of chest, topline and underline. Moved out well.


Attractive, masculine dog but not the spring of rib nor front of first place


Veteran Dog (9,1)


10  year old well balanced dog with correct angulation. Excellent head, so aristocratic. Good neck into well laid shoulders giving excellent flow from occiput to tail. Very good feet. Moved so soundly. Could not deny this mature, yet still so sound dog the Dog CC and Reserve In Show.


Another Veteran of excellent type. Similar to the first place. Carries his tail a little higher and not the return of upper arm but is still a good dog and moves well.


Field Trial Dog (1)


11 year old. Good dog of correct breed type. Well balanced, moves well. Feet could be better.

Minor Puppy Bitch  (7,5)

Both very feminine bitches of correct breed type, good colour and size. Heads in very good balance.


Very good movement for age. Excellent bone and feet. Reserve Puppy In Show


Also excellent bone and feet. Movement however was not as steady as 1

Puppy Bitch (4/1)


10 month old bitch of good type, medium sized, moderate angulation, feminine head with good eye. Excellent feet. Excellent hindquarters with good turn of stifle and strong hocks. Would like more lay back of shoulder

2nd Watson’s OAKSWARREN AURORA Movement more settled in this class.

3rd Worthington’s ZAVIS TOO HOT TO HANDLE

Junior Bitch (6)
Young bitch of good breed type, well balanced overall in head and body. Pleasant feminine head with correct eye and ear placement and shape. Very good angulation, with well laid shoulders and return of upper arm. Topline standing and on the move level. Underline correct. Front excellent.

Another bitch of good breed type. Sweet feminine expression. Very similar in quality to #1 however I would prefer a a slightly darker eye and less skin under the neck but a close decision.


Yearling Bitch (5/1)


19 month old bitch, good colour and size. Moderate angulation. Good feet. Moved soundly. Elegant


Good breed type, not happy on the day but still worth of placing. Lovely length of neck into well laid shoulder. Good feet.


Post Graduate Bitch (16/4)


Moderate bitch of excellent type, feminine head, well balanced body, moved well. Extremely well handled and considered for CC


Another moderate bitch, also well handled. Very feminine. Correct breed type, well balanced. Altogether a very neat package.


Limit Bitch (21/6)

1st Wilks’ NICAEL LOLA

Medium sized 3 yr old bitch of good colour, size and excellent breed type. Well balanced, feminine head. Moderate angulation, level topline. High set withers, good depth of chest, moved soundly.


Also 3 yrs, also excellent breed type, good colour and size. Also moved soundly. Moderate angulation. Difficult to choose between these two. However, this bitch is broader in skull than 1st place.


Open Bitch (16/1)


Excellent breed type. Well balanced in head and body. Lovely flow from top of neck to tail especially on the move. Good layback of shoulder and return of upper arm, chest to elbow with correct spring of rig and long ribcage. Hindquarters matched forequarters. Carried tail correctly. Very feminine bitch. Pleased to award CC and eventually BIS which she won on the move.


Another lovely bitch. I see from the catalogue that these two bitches have the same dam and breeder. This bitch also shares many of the attributes of the first place getter. However, she did not move as soundly especially out and back, with a slight flicking of her front pasterns.


Veteran Bitch (11/2)

1st Smith’s ZAVIS MIAMI

8 yr old bitch, excellent breed type, correct size and colour. Sound. Lovely feminine head correct in all aspects. Moderate angulation. Shoulders well laid back with good return of upper arm. Feet excellent. Pleased to award her Res CC


9 yr old bitch, taller than first place bitch. Balanced all over. Stands and moves well. Good feet. A very nice bitch.


Field Trial Bitch (1)


Elegant 7 yr old bitch of correct breed type. Moderate angulation. Balanced throughout. Stood and moved well.

Judge:  ( Fay Harris ) ( Australia )


The Margaret Holmes Memorial Special Award Classes
Hungarian Vizsla Club Championship Show
2nd October 2016 Judge Julie Squire (Taftzizi)

I’d like to thank the Hungarian Vizsla Club for inviting me to judge these special award classes. A big thank-you to the exhibitors for the excellent entry and the opportunity of going over some outstanding examples of the breed, it was truly a pleasure !

Junior 4 (1)
Only 4 in this class ,but all at different stages,two of them only being 6 mths old.
1st Northwood, Northey Emperor Del Acquadoro 16 mth male of good breed type, pleasing head with good length of neck, moderately angulated front & rear, moved true.
2nd Mills, Karrouki Windfire much to like about this young dog, well balanced with good bone & feet ,balanced angulation front & back ,moved well .Sure these boys will change places many times, both just need to mature on ,to improve their depth & underline, of which I’m sure they will.
3rd Atkins Topaeris A Big Hunk O’ Love

Post Grad 18 (4)
1st Mills, Karrouki Windflower, so nice to see this bitch being free stood & what a lovely balanced girl she is ,like her size, very neat tidy girl, good head, well angulated shoulders, showing a good fore chest ,deep through the body,top line level,tail set correct & carried well, good rear angulation moved soundly.
2nd Bell, Glaslleb Skyfall this bitch put up a good performance, shown well by her young handler, slightly larger frame than the winner, but none the less sound & well balanced, moved freely.
3rd Cruickshank, Topaeris Lady Marmalade

Open 15 (5)
1st Wall, Afanleigh Sophie At Perllanside ShCM this bitch immediately caught my eye, loved her size & balance,looked so good in profile & does not disappoint when you get your hands on her. Head is feminine & balanced with almond shaped eyes of good colour, good length of neck leading into well angulated shoulders, deep body, short level back with tail set slightly low, correct rear angulation with great width across the thigh, lovely bone & super tight feet, she is a picture of maturity & quality, shown in fit hard condition ,moved well. I was told later, not by the owner, that she has gained her show title, which did not surprise me at all, many congratulations!
2nd Martin, NL/DT/VDH CH Recuerdo Roomour JW NJK FSG’14 BWNL ESG’15
Another lovely bitch of great breed type, lovely head with kind gentle expression, lengthy neck leading into well angulated shoulders, great length of upper arm, deep brisket& a good for chest ,which was lacking in some. Her top line is level with a good tail set, well angulated rear with well muscled thighs which showed in her flowing movement. She too ,like 1 is a quality mature bitch, the difference today was her not quite 100% after her recent litter, just very slightly showing in her under carriage, splitting hairs ,I loved them both. She is sitting on 2 CCs ,I believe ,the 3rd shouldn’t be long incoming!!!
3rd Mills, Karrouki Windrush D’Lyla JW ShCM

Photo of Fay handling Hanabrit Ponting the Way to one of his many Best in Show Awards. 
The HVCNSW Championship Show in 2009, the judge was Donna Holman from the UK.
Photo of Fay handling Hanabrit Ponting the Way to one of his many Best in Show Awards. The HVCNSW Championship Show in 2009, the judge was Donna Holman from the UK.

About Fay

Fay initially owned and successfully exhibited poodles, starting with a toy then a miniature and finally several standard poodles which were to become her favourites. After injuring her back falling from a horse Fay had trouble grooming so whilst recovering she started researching smooth coated breeds that shared the characteristics of the poodle – trainable, affectionate, intelligent and with a great love of life. Liking the look of Vizslas from what she saw in books she started to try and find some in the flesh, this was rather difficult because at that time ( The mid seventies )  there had only been two litters born in Australia. The third Australian born litter was from two UK imports, Aus Ch Galfrid Lott  X Aus Ch Galfrid Fecske and it was here that Fay found her first VIzsla, he was to become Aus Ch Kingsbury Colin CD, and so in 1977 the Hanafor Vizslas were established, Colin was closely followed by Aus Ch Kingsbury Erica CD, CDX  sired by Napkeltei Vadasz Elod (Imp Can) . Fay then looked to the UK to compliment the lines she had and subsequently imported dogs from Gay Gottlieb, Jackie Perkins and Sue Millson. Over the years Fay worked tirelessly to improve the Vizslas quality and recognition in Australia fastly becoming one of Australia’s most influential and successful breeders, dogs achieving high honours not only in the showring but also in tracking, obedience, working and agility.  A puppy bred under Fay’s UK affix Hanabrit, was to become Australia’s first ever Hungarian Vizsla  Supreme Champion, he was Hanabrit Ponting the Way  ( Sh Ch Gardenway Dramatist X Hanafor Libden Akira ) .

As well as judging several speciality shows in Australia Fay has also judged at the prestigious National Vizsla Club of America.  Fay is a senior all breeds judge training judges in all breeds and she is also qualified to assess new judges, she gives breed lectures all over Australia not only on the Hungarian VIzsla but also on Wire Haired Vizslas, German Wire Haired Pointers, Weimaraners, Bracco Italianos and Brittanies.

As well as showing her own Vizslas Fay has exhibited other breeds including a Smooth Fox Terrier, Italian Greyhound, Pointer, Keeshond, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Basset Fauve de Bretagne and Bracco Italiano.


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Critique Scan (3)                                    open show results 2016

Photo’s                                                  Special Awards Open 2016

Judge Mr Kevin Grewcock (Ryanstock)



For previous years results go to archives