WT oct 17


FT: HVC (Nov) @ Hawkhurst 31/10/2017


2nd Sovargo’s French Fancy (HV) (B Austin)
CoM Warrendown Genesis (GSP) (A Farley)
CoM Bonario Damascus (BI) (A Parr)

Judges: T Russell & A Johnson

 HVC Open Field Trial 3rd January 2017

At the HVC’s inaugural open field trial at Little Pixhall, Kent, 3RD January 2017 the results were:

1st: Warrendown Flash of Atilla GSP E Carter
4th: Stubblemere Evanesco GSP M Canham

Results subject to water test as certificates were issued due to frozen water.

Judges: Costas Wilkinson & R Chellumbrun

Congratulations to Emma and Mick, and thanks to all those who made this such a great first open FT for the Club, the judges, the hosts, the guns, helpers and the handlers with their dogs.

Jan 17FT

HVC Novice Field Trial 17 November 2016


HVC: Novice FT @ Conghurst Farm, Kent 17/11/2016

Judges: C Snelling & S Pleasance

1st: Sazmallin Isle of Skye By Braccpoint (BI) [P MacDonald]
COM: Warrendown Little Indy (GSP) [A Farley]


HVC Field Trial 11 October 2016 Results

Held at Little Pixhall, Kent

3rd Wintertop Anzac [GSP] (M Roberts)

4th Trubon Flysse Trevive [WEI] (S Burton)
CoM Witham Friary Tullsa [GSP] (G Pillinger)

Field Trial Results 29 December 2015

HVC All Aged Field Trial At Goudhurst – Report

Held at: Glassenbury Estate, Goudhurst, Kent by kind permission of Eddie Hales

Judges: Mr Eddie Hales & Mr Chris Spree


3rd G.Pillinger with Witham Friary Tallahassee

Guns Award  M.Roberts with Wintertop Anzac

G.Pillinger Withan Friary Tallahassee
G.Pillinger Withan Friary Tallahassee
M. Roberts Winetertop Anzac
M. Roberts Winetertop Anzac

Field Trial Results 15 October 2015

Judges: Allan Hender and Annie Jones.  Penny Simpson -Chief Steward.

No first place awarded.

2nd place – Alan Parr and his Bracco Italiano, Bonario Chatelaine

3rd place & Highest Placed Vizsla – Thomas (Mac) Mattravers and Hunterstone Artemis

Guns Award went to Adrian Morgan and his Weimaraner, Ignaheims Bolt to Parhelis

Bonario Chatelaine
Bonario Chatelaine
Hunterstone Artemis
Hunterstone Artemis