Open Field Trial
Danby Moor Estate – 11th October 2022

by Kind Permission of Lord Down and Head Keeper, Peter Snaith.
Judges were Eddie Kania and Jason Hudson

The morning weather was clear blue skies with a perfect head wind breeze, the ground was open Moorland heather. Birds were abundant but we can only assume that scent was atrocious as we lost so many good dogs. There was only one award, a third place to Jim Bird’s GSP dog FT Sutchest Braun Gino. The Gun’s award went to Karen Saynor with Ekkolander Dark Rivva. Thank you once again to Jason Hudson, Peter Smith and all the guns and competitors for making it such a wonderful day.
Shirley Mattravers (Field Trial Secretary)

Judges Critique:
The first round, most dogs struggled with difficult scenting conditions; but all had a good chance of game. We took 5 dogs into round 2. Dog No 12 ran well in the first round, completing a full HPR and completed the 2nd round cleanly.
Jason Hudson (Judge)


All Aged Trial

Trial held at Wispington Lincs
On 13th October 2022

By Kind permission of R & J Major

Judges Mr S Robson ( A  2863 ) & Miss D Elrington (NP 4005 )

A  sunny unseasonable warm dry day, scenting conditions seemed good at times when there was a slight wind at times there was little or no wind which affected the dogs performance. The ground was all sugar beet which was a good level to provide cover but still have full view of the dogs working.  Dogs were worked into a cheek wind on each run. In the first round the first 11 dogs all had the opportunity of game.

We had a full card compromising of HV, GSP, GWP, GLP , Brittany, HWV & LM. Four dogs were successful in the awards and a guns award was also given.

3rd  & Guns Award – Gefni Mile A Minute – Brittany handled by L Winder

This dog on its first run ran with style and pace covering the ground well however was occasionally back casting.  The dog came on point at the edge of the sugar beet the dog flushed and produced a single partridge on command which was shot and landed down in a ditch approx 15 yards.  The dog moved to mark and was send for the retrieve on command which was completed with efficiency and with no fuss.

On its second run the dog again covered the ground well in a neat methodical pattern  remaining under control throughout with little handling.  Unfortunately this run was blank .

4th – Ch Enryb Simply Red – HWV handled by J Byrne.

On its first run the dog worked the wind perfectly covering the guns well with style and pace the dog indicated there was birds ahead and the handler allowed the dog to work it out resulting in missing some ground on the left. The dog then failed to produce.

On his second run the dog again covered the ground well using the wind correctly the dog came on point but was still a little uncertain . The dog flushed on the second command  two partridge lifted but neither were shot as the handler was in front of the guns.  The dog remained steady and was then asked to work on.  The dogs ground treatment then became slightly erratic and the handler had to be asked twice to bring the dog back onto the beat . The dog eventually settled and came on solid point which was duly flushed on command . The bird was shot approx. 20 yards and the dog remained steady and the retrieve was completed with a little handling.

CoM – Cadanbyrig Marin -GLP handled by F Smart

This dog quickly came on point when cast off . The handler was unsure of the dog as a bird had previously lifted from the same area however when the dog was asked to produce a single partridge lifted which was duly shot over a ditch.  The dog remained steady and was sent for the retrieve approx. 40 yards.  The dog stopped at the ditch and ran down until there was a place to cross which resulted in the dog being handled considerably onto the retrieve which was then completed.

On the dogs second run  it used the wind well but was cautious when it hit scent taking a while to work it out resulting in ground treatment being erratic.

CoM – Sigourney Serrocco

This dog was very workman like on its first run but quite cautious. Not helped by the lack of wind during this run.  The dog indicated there was birds but worked on resulting in birds lifting the other side of the dog on its next cast . The dog was asked to work on and came on stead fast point where 2 partridge were produced on command.  One was shot 30 yards from the dog . The dog remained steady however had failed to mark the bird down which resulted in a untidy retrieve with a lot of handling being eventually completed.

The dogs second run was again with no wind resulting in the dog running but not in any particular pattern when there was wind the dog did use it efficiently but this run was blank.


Many Thanks  to the guns for being fabulous shots , the HVC for the invitation to judge and my co judge for his constructive sound advice throughout the trial.


Dawn Elrington

WT oct 17


FT: HVC (Nov) @ Hawkhurst 31/10/2017


2nd Sovargo’s French Fancy (HV) (B Austin)
CoM Warrendown Genesis (GSP) (A Farley)
CoM Bonario Damascus (BI) (A Parr)

Judges: T Russell & A Johnson

 HVC Open Field Trial 3rd January 2017

At the HVC’s inaugural open field trial at Little Pixhall, Kent, 3RD January 2017 the results were:

1st: Warrendown Flash of Atilla GSP E Carter
4th: Stubblemere Evanesco GSP M Canham

Results subject to water test as certificates were issued due to frozen water.

Judges: Costas Wilkinson & R Chellumbrun

Congratulations to Emma and Mick, and thanks to all those who made this such a great first open FT for the Club, the judges, the hosts, the guns, helpers and the handlers with their dogs.

Jan 17FT

HVC Novice Field Trial 17 November 2016


HVC: Novice FT @ Conghurst Farm, Kent 17/11/2016

Judges: C Snelling & S Pleasance

1st: Sazmallin Isle of Skye By Braccpoint (BI) [P MacDonald]
COM: Warrendown Little Indy (GSP) [A Farley]


HVC Field Trial 11 October 2016 Results

Held at Little Pixhall, Kent

3rd Wintertop Anzac [GSP] (M Roberts)

4th Trubon Flysse Trevive [WEI] (S Burton)
CoM Witham Friary Tullsa [GSP] (G Pillinger)

Field Trial Results 29 December 2015

HVC All Aged Field Trial At Goudhurst – Report

Held at: Glassenbury Estate, Goudhurst, Kent by kind permission of Eddie Hales

Judges: Mr Eddie Hales & Mr Chris Spree


3rd G.Pillinger with Witham Friary Tallahassee

Guns Award  M.Roberts with Wintertop Anzac

G.Pillinger Withan Friary Tallahassee
G.Pillinger Withan Friary Tallahassee
M. Roberts Winetertop Anzac
M. Roberts Winetertop Anzac

Field Trial Results 15 October 2015

Judges: Allan Hender and Annie Jones.  Penny Simpson -Chief Steward.

No first place awarded.

2nd place – Alan Parr and his Bracco Italiano, Bonario Chatelaine

3rd place & Highest Placed Vizsla – Thomas (Mac) Mattravers and Hunterstone Artemis

Guns Award went to Adrian Morgan and his Weimaraner, Ignaheims Bolt to Parhelis

Bonario Chatelaine
Bonario Chatelaine
Hunterstone Artemis
Hunterstone Artemis