There are many points to ponder when making this decision. After you have researched the various breeds, considered your lifestyle and finally decided you DO want a Vizsla, the next question is:

From whom do you buy your puppy?

The Hungarian Vizsla Club has a page which list puppies available from Club Members to interested people. You select one or some, make contact and are then considered by the breeder(s) for suitability to have one of their puppies. If you are, you go on their list.
Do be careful not to buy from a breeder just because you like the look of his/her web-site! Having the ability to construct an attractive web-site is not positively correlated to being a good and reputable breeder. Some breeders use their dogs as a business!
First, ask the breeder if he/she complies with the Club Code of Practice.

Hip scores are important because they show the breeder is working to prevent hip dysplasia. It is not a big problem in the breed and the Club wants to ensure it stays that way. Therefore, reputable breeders have their breeding dogs X-rayed to prevent problems with hips in the puppies’ future. Hip-scoring is NOT a guarantee because that is not possible with nature. However, breeders who have hip-scores for their Vizslas have done their level best to guard against the possibility.
The age of the parent dogs is very important. Sadly, some breeders use very young bitches, far too young to be mothers and the Club works hard to educate as many people as possible to avoid such practices. Members do this because they care for their Vizslas and want to promote the best practice possible.

NEVER BUY FROM A NEWSPAPER ADVERTISEMENT OR PET SHOP – good breeders have a waiting list for their puppies.
Check the following:
1.Is the litter registered?
2. Does the breeder have an affix (a kennel name that identifies the breeder)?
3. Is the colour of the Vizsla properly recorded? The Breed Standard colour is ‘Russet Gold’. If the breeder calls it any other name then, clearly. the breeder is not familiar with the Breed Standard and this should sound a warning note to you.
4. Will you get a Puppy Pack that details feeding, care, vaccination, worming and also promises to maintain contact with you indefinitely?
5. Does the purchase contract insist that the puppy is returned to them in the event of something going wrong? Beware of a breeder who does not insist that the puppy is returned to the kennel if you cannot keep it!
6. Is the price reasonable? Some breeders are charging exorbitant prices for their puppies. Do remember a high price does not guarantee you have purchased the next Crufts champion! Unfortunately, the Club cannot regulate prices but the Club will only recommend breeders whose first concern is the well-being of the breed.

The Club has compiled a QUESTIONS YOU SHOULD ASK A BREEDER BEFORE YOU BUY A PUPPY  – if you are not satisfied with any of the answers to your questions then you should seek further advice or go elsewhere.

Download the puppy pack (1) with lots of good advice from experienced Vizsla owners.