Along with other breeds the vizsla may be affected by Epilepsy. The 2021 KC Breed Health and Conservation Plan confirms the vizsla’s predisposition, on the basis of US and Australian studies

What is Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a chronic condition that causes repeated seizures. Your vet may suspect that your dog has epilepsy if they have at least two unprovoked seizures more than 24 hours apart

What causes Epilepsy

A number of different underlying diseases and other factors can cause seizures leading to epilepsy. Generally, epilepsy can be classified as “structural” (where an underlying cause can be found in the brain) or “idiopathic” (where no underlying cause can be identified, and a genetic predisposition can be presumed)


The Kennel Club provides very comprehensive information and advice in an article written by leading specialists at the Royal veterinary College (RVC) – read it here

Clare Rusbridge of Fitzpatrick Referrals provides more excellent information (download) on the diagnosis and management of epilepsy

Genetic research

Until recently The Animal Health Trust was researching the genetics of Epilepsy in a number of breeds, including the UK Vizsla, and very many owners had submitted their dogs’ DNA samples to the study. Sadly, with the closure of the AHT this long-term study has been paused. It is hoped by all though that the research might continue at the Kennel Club Genetics Centre


There is no genetic screening test for Epilepsy but breeders (stud dog owners too!) should make it a priority to actively monitor the condition in their dogs’ offspring and adapt their breeding programmes accordingly. It is also very important that owners of affected dogs should inform their breeders of the incidence of epilepsy (and other health problems too)