For many years the Hungarian Vizsla has been considered to be a fairly healthy breed. Responsible breeders adhere to a code of conduct which requires that they use individuals that are of good temperament, physically sound, health tested and free from known hereditary diseases.

Historically this approach seemed to work well with most vizslas living long and healthy lives. Recently though there is mounting evidence to suggest that in our breed there may now be some serious health conditions that are over represented

Breed Health Problems

The Kennel Club Breed Health and Conservation Plan (2021) confirms that in the UK the Vizsla’s principal health concerns are

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  1. Cancers – especially Haemangiosarcoma (common) and Lymphoma
  2. Epilepsy
  3. Immune Mediated Disease
  4. Vizsla Inflammatory Polymyopathy
  5. Hip Dysplasia
  6. Glaucoma


Breeders should make it their priority to actively investigate the health problems that their stock is producing and mitigate where possible. This applies equally to the owners of stud dogs – whose impact on the gene pool has the potential to be especially deleterious

There are Kennel Club/BVA screening schemes for Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia and Glaucoma – and these are intended to better inform breeding decisions. The Hungarian Vizsla Club’s Code of Conduct, and that of the Hungarian Vizsla Society require these tests to be undertaken before mating – and so too does the Kennel Club for membership of their Approved Breeder Scheme


We recommend that prospective puppy buyers do a great deal of research before purchase. Please think carefully if the parents are not health tested and GRILL your prospective breeder about the other significant health problems that cannot be tested for.

The Dog Breeding Reform Group has excellent advice for the owners of puppies that go on develop breed related health problems that could have been avoided. Click on the Image for helpful guidance on what to do if things go wrong.

The HVC health co-ordinator is
Dr. Verity J Griffiths BSc(Hons) MA VetMB GPCert(SAS) GPCert(EM&S) MRCVS:
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