All trials will be held under the Kennel Club Rules and Field Trial Regulations. Copies of these can be obtained from the Kennel Club, 1 Clarges St London W1Y8 AB.

All Field Trials are for breeds which Hunt, Point and Retrieve and are restricted to 12 dogs. Substitutions will not be accepted.

Entry Forms: These can be had from the Field Trial Secretary.

Entries: These must be with the FT Secretary by the closing date stated for each trial. In Novice trials only one entry per owner will be accepted in the first instance. First choice dog should be indicated on the entry form. Entries for second dog will only be accepted if there is less than the prescribed number of runners for the trial or to complete the list of reserves. Where dogs are in joint ownership, two dogs may be entered in the draw providing a different handler handles each dog .If a partnership enters one dog then the partner shall be permitted to make a separate entry for a dog registered in their single ownership.KC Reg.J.8.b.(5) Should circumstances so dictate the HVC in consultation with the judges may alter arrangements as necessary.

Definition of member: Members are those that are fully paid up. Non members include those applying for membership or whose membership has lapsed and have not been before the committee for consideration.

Entry Fee: HVC members £25; non members £35.

Completed forms should be sent to the FT Sec by the closing date on the entry form with the correct fee. Entry fees will be destroyed to anyone drawing a reserve place, or is unable to run providing reasonable notice is given and a reserve can be substituted. (unless otherwise requested)

Draw: The draw will take place at the home of the FT Sec at approx 7.00pm on the dates listed. Competitors are invited to attend and may telephone between 7.30 and for the results during the evening of the draw.


Novice: confined to dogs which have not gained the following awards prior to the closing date:

1st,2nd,3rd in Open stakes

1st in All Aged or Novice stakes.

Priority in the draw will be given to HVC members, followed by non members.

All Aged: Preference in the draw will be given to dogs which have gained 1st, 2nd or 3rd in a Novice stake, with priority to HVC members with vizslas, HVC members with other breeds, then non members.

Meeting and Start Time: Competitors should report to the chief Steward by 8.45am. All field trials will start at 9.00am unless otherwise stated. The trial will be deemed to have commenced when the chief steward calls competitors and Judges together and makes his/her introductions. Reserves will be substituted for absentees at advertised start of the trial.

Young Dogs: Entries will not be accepted from dogs under twelve months old on the day of the trial.

Prizes: As listed against the Stakes. In the event of a 1st prize not being awarded, the trophy awarded at a Field Trial will be presented to the highest placed dog-excluding Cof M winners. The trophy is not to be engraved with the name of the dog or handler UNLESS a first place is awarded. Trophies will not be won outright.

FT Committee of the day will be appointed from the FT Committee and/or HVC members familiar with the FT rules and regulations.

Logistics: Directions will be sent with running order. All persons attending the trial do so at their own risk and must consider themselves under the control of the Judges and officials at all times. Only dogs entering the competition should be brought to the ground. Competitors may only exercise dogs on a lead in the prescribed area. No bitches in season on the ground.

Lunches: Competitors must make their own arrangements for lunch.

Liability: Neither the Hungarian Vizsla Club not the Host of the meeting will accept liability for any accident, damage, illness or injury to dogs, owners, handlers, spectators or any other person or property whatsoever. A full risk assessment will have been undertaken and will be pointed out to all involved.

Competitors should make themselves aware of KC Rules (J) Regs