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For all breeds which hunt, point & retrieve

Held under KC Rules

at Charlton Park Estate, Malmesbury. SN16 9DG

By Kind Permission of Earl and Countess of Suffolk & Berkshire

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HVC GWT Schedule and Entry Form



GWT: HVC @ Ashdown Forest 15/09/2019

1st: Typhoon Last Boy [GSP] (D Short)
2nd: Anivellen V’Rebelia For Rebelritsi [HV] (H Spearman)
3rd: All Hausen Woodward [GSP] (D Taylor)
4th: Stubblemere Kittiwake [GSP] (C Kenney)
COM: Cheyenn Leica Von Llavondyss [WEI] (CH Reiman)

1st: Leo De Grance Delivery [GSP] (B Wallis)
2nd: Anivellen V’Rebelia For Rebelritsi [HV] (H Spearman)
3rd: Achouffe Fentons Fable [SRHP] (F Bailey)
4th: Nevildown Dare to Dream [GSP] (E Fisk) *
COM: Typhoon Last Boy [GSP] (D Short) *
COM: Karrouki Windstorm At Novapak [HV] (J Novis)*

* Not announced correctly as there was an error from 4th place onwards

1st: Chontelle Summer Breeze At Withamfriary [LM] (A Farley)
2nd: Quilesta So Special At Cabooska [LM] (C Trowsdale)
3rd: Zoldmali Zeller [HWV] (M Blackman)
4th: Bareve Buffelsberg [GWP] (J Ayling)
COM: Indijazz Beautiful [GSP] (P Parker)
COM: Sanjon Bertramo [GSP] (T Browning)

Due to an error with a wrongly announced 1st place, all Open places are as restated.


Ground with the kind permission of Tony Russell.
With thanks to our judges:
Puppy: John Parnham
Novice: Marilyn Roberts, Chrissie Sterritt & Terry Leys
Open: Eddie Hales (AP) and Franie Briley

Chief Steward: Nigel Wroe

Many thanks to the early bird helpers who helped set up and with registration, especially Trevor and Anthea White, Hannah and Boris, and James Ayling.

Thanks to all the handlers who helped make it a great day and for being so sporting.

Apologies for the arithmetic errors. New certificates will be sent on.





By Kind Permission of Mr Tony Russell


Working Test Report

HVC Working Test


Well done everybody, and thanks again to Tony Russell (the host), judges, dummy throwers, working sub-committee and other helpers, and the competitors who all made the day very enjoyable.

Pos Dog Breed Handler

1 Gilescroft Skyfall GSP S Johnson
2 Karrouki Windstorm at Novapak HV J Novis
3 Nawtontower Seren HV K Dimon
4 Tarkanya Bonnies Butterfly LM J Bodmer
COM Warrendown Zelda GSP E Bullen

Pos Dog Breed Handler
1 Taftazini Anita Package GSP V Pingault
2 Tyler Charlie HV H Miller
3 Herlinga Hereswithe HWV J Willet
4 Northey Apple Tansy HV L Thorogood


Gundog Working Tests are competitions which, by artificially simulating shooting day conditions, seek to assess, without game being shot, the working abilities of the various breeds of Gundog.

Gundog Working Tests are run for any of the three sub-groups of Gundogs recognized by the Kennel Club as detailed below:
Retrievers and Irish Water Spaniels
Sporting Spaniels other than Irish Water Spaniels
Breeds which Hunt, Point and Retrieve
The following classes of competition are recognized by the Kennel Club

Highest placed Vizsla – Hannah Spearman’s Anivellen V’Rebelia For Rebelritsi

Placings thus far:

6 x1st in Puppy, 2 x2nd in Puppy, 1x3rd Puppy, 1 x excellent in natural ability test, 1x3rd Novice, 1x2nd Novice, Highest placed and Highest scoring Vizsla at the Hungarian Vizsla Club WT, plus she was given v.good and excellent for her conformation.





























Pos Dog Breed Handler
1 Stubblemere Johnstone GSP J Jones
2 Ismeya Saint Alfred HV K Bruce
3 Rebelritsi Aurora HV J Reavil
4 Chazemaund Use The Force GSP D Richards
COM Ignaheims Bolt To Parhelis WEIM A Morgan



Pos Dog Breed Handler
1 Deepthatch Pippa GSP D Burden
2 Pitwit Game Finder GSP P Terry
3 Trubon Grafyte Treve WEIM S Burton
4 Warrendown Little Indy GSP A Farley
COM Warrendown Flash of Atilla GSP E Carter
COM Monty’s Magic GSP B Turnbull

working test image

OPEN. Open to all dogs of a specified breed or breeds, although preference may be given to dogs which have gained a place or certificate of merit at a Field Trial, been placed First, Second or Third in an Open GWT, or won a Novice GWT.

NOVICE. Confined to dogs which have not gained a place or certificate of merit at a Field Trial, been placed First, Second or Third in an Open GWT or First in a Novice GWT held in accordance with Kennel Club Rules and Field Trial Regulations.

PUPPY. Confined to dogs of specific breed or breeds less than eighteen months of age on the date of the test.

UNCLASSIFIED. Open to all dogs of a specified breed or breeds, but may be restricted by conditions as determined by the society. To include Water and Team Tests. A Water Test can include dogs of any sub-group competing together. However, if dogs of more than one sub-group are competing as a Team, each sub-group will compete and be judged in accordance with the Kennel Club Gundog working Test Regulations relating to that group.

The Hungarian Vizsla Club Working Test

September 20th 2015

The Hungarian Vizsla Club held it’s second Gundog Working Test of the year in Ashdown Forest, by kind permission of Tony Russell.

It was a really super day organised by Derek Whitfield and Margo Robertson and thanks to all their hard work it went very smoothly.

There were four classes. Puppy (14 entries 4 of which were Vizslas), Novice Dog Novice Handler (12 entries 3 of which were Vizslas), Novice (28 entries 4 of which were Vizslas) and Open (20 one of which was a Vizsla) and the tests were set out on Saturday and confirmed by each of the judges before the competition began on Sunday morning.

Competitors were welcomed with complimentary coffee and biscuits after getting their numbers and then Derek and Margo introduced the Judges Pam Terry (Puppy), John Parnham, and Lisa Baker (Novice Dog/Novice Handler), Fiona Gerhard, Rod Johnson and Sue Hender (Novice) Lisa Brown and Allan Hender (Open) and Mark Jones (Water) and gave instructions for the day.

We were blessed with sunshine and the Ashdown Forest became a magical place with sun filtering through the trees as the day warmed up. It’s numerous grassy tracks and woodland were superb for the retrieves and there were 3 water locations used. However, it was easy to get lost if you couldn’t keep up with your judge, who was perhaps more familiar with the forest, resulting in some competitors having to be retrieved by Margo and Derek!

The number of judges on the day, along with the choice of water tests, made for a prompt finish although there was a small delay as there were 2 puppies with identical scores in 2nd place so the judge offered these competitors the chance to do another water retrieve to decide the final placings which was hastily carried out by the handlers and their 2 lovely puppies to the judge’s satisfaction so she was able to make her decision.

Helpers are critical to the smooth running of a Gundog Working Test and we are very grateful to our helpers on the day who booked everyone in, threw dummies, stewarded for the judges, helped with the Raffle, set-up and breakdown of the base, scorers: They were Sue Millson, Gill Parrott, Danny Thorogood, Gary Krolikowski, Nicola Chipper, Susan Northwood, Jim Novis, Lloyd Upton, Aaron Busby our photographer for the day and his Mum Caroline Busby and Jacqui More who provided the delicious food for Judges, Helpers and Cakes for all.

Everyone gathered chatting in the afternoon sunshine whilst the final scores were added and Derek then announced the placings and awards were presented by Sue Millson and the judges of the Classes and the judges each gave a summing up of their tests. Class Winners were presented with cups and awards were given to 5th place, and rosettes and cups for the highest placed Vizslas were given in each class which were so appreciated by those that won them.

It was a really nice atmosphere – everyone was friendly and accommodating and Derek and Margo were overseeing everything at base throughout the day to make it into a really well run event.

At the end of the prize giving Derek gave a very moving tribute to his wife Simone and all the work that she does in the background to make the working tests into such an enjoyable day for everyone.

Hungarian Vizsla Club really appreciated the members of the GSP Club, Sussex Branch, who gave up their Saturday to come to Ashdown Forest and help Margo set up the tests.

HIghest Placed Vizsla of the day Lyn Thorogood & Northey Apple Tansey





Photos of the day



Lyn Thorogood and Northey Apple Tansey (Vizsla)  highest placed Vizsla of the day








PUPPY – 14 entries, 4 of which were Vizslas
1st – Suzie Burton and Trubon Grafyte Treve (Weimaraner)
2nd – Tim Parrett and Cornwelk Starurunson Red (KG)
3rd – Andrew Farley and Warrendown Destiny(GSP)
4th – Andrea Wyatt and Ismeya Saint Isaac (Vizsla) also highest placed
5th – Clare Wigfield and Mustwork Quinto (GWP)

ND/ NH – 12 entries, 3 of which were Vizslas
1st – Christophe Brown and his GSP (sorry no name)
2nd- Lyn Thorogood and Northey Apple Tansey (Vizsla) also highest placed
3rd – Jane Holmes and Madilor Catkin (HWV)
4th – Sam Scott and Cotswoldawn Duty Free (HV)
5th – Terry Ley and Ragnolds Hook (HWV)

Novice – 28 entries, 4 of which were Vizslas
1st – Suzie Burton and Trubon Grafyte Treve (Weimaraner)
2nd – Julie Jones and Stubblemere Johnstone (GSP)
3rd -Trev Robinson and Weipowa Hot Bird (Weimaraner)
4th – Jo Gosling and Witham Friary Echo (GSP)
5th – Tim Wignall and Warrendown Thor (GSP)
Highest Placed Vizsla Ann Riches and Lutra Free To Run

Open- 20 entries, 1 Vizsla
1st- Jim Field and Deepthatch Pocona (GSP)
2nd – Andrew Farley and Warrendown Little Indy (GSP)
3rd – Dave Burden and Deepthatch New Moon (GSP)
4th – Tracy Browning and Sanjon Bertramo (GSP)
5th – Dave Burden and Deepthatch Pippa(GSP)
Highest Placed Vizsla – Jason Froome and Russetmoor Gold Big Ben

Results of GWT  held on 25th May 2015

Puppy judged by Penny Simpson

1st – Suzie Burton’s Weimaraner Trubon Grafyte Treve

2nd – Mark Jones’s HV Ismeya Saint Beatrix (also highest placed Vizsla)

3rd – Nicky Hamlin’s GSP Know No Bounds At Nuash

4th – Andy Wyatt’s HV Ismeya Saint Isaac

5th – Tim Parrett’s Korthals Griffon Cornwells Starkrimson Red


Novice Dog/ Novice Handler judged by Margo Robertson

1st – Suzanna Mills’ HV Karrouki Windrush D’Lyla (also highest placed Vizsla)

2nd – Arwyn Beddoe’s HV Prettypoint Filip

3rd – Sonia Hammond’s GSP Seasham Super Trouper JW

4th – Verity Griffiths’ HV Ulurudawn Cardinal Marker

5th – Trevor Robinson’s Weimaraner Weipowa Hot Bird


Novice judged by Sue Hender

1st – Libby Mellor’s GSP Kenxiam Comanche

2nd – Harriet Lampart’s GSP Aytree Jessie Jay

3rd – Sarah Holt’s GSP Jack Hill Lad

4th – Julie Jones’ GSP Stubblemere Tergeo

5th – Jennifer Hurley’s GSP Swifthouse Hambledon

Highest placed Vizsla went to Nick Stewart and Tossner Neoma


Open judged by Allan Hender

1st – David Burden’s GSP Deepthatch New Moon

2nd – Mark Jones’ HV Vizelleven Ocean Zanta (also highest placed Vizsla)

3rd – Tim Parrett’s Korthals Griffon Fechlindream Grigio

4th – Louise Holmes’ GSP Ladyhawke Perdita

5th – Emma Carter’s GSP Warrendown Flash of Atilla

If you are new to working your dog, or fancy trying your hand at training for gundog work, then you may find Margo’s Blog(on these pages) an interesting and useful read. Our Secretary is currently training her young bitch, Tara, having had no prior experience of training a gundog for field work. She will be writing regular updates as training progresses, with all the trials and tribulations she encounters along the way.