Vizsla Health

Over the years the Hungarian Vizsla has been considered to be a healthy breed. Responsible breeders adhere to a code of conduct which requires that they breed only from individuals that are of good temperament, physically sound, health tested and free from known hereditary diseases.
Historically this approach has seemed to work well and most vizslas live a long, strong, happy and healthy life. Recently though there is evidence to suggest that there may be some health issues in which the vizsla is over represented – and the HVC is keen to monitor these.
The Kennel Club recently contacted health coordinators in all breeds to establish what each thought were their principal concerns. The HVC responded that in the UK vizsla these were believed to be

1.Cancers  – especially haemangiosarcoma (common) and lymphoma
2. Epilepsy and Seizures – read more
3. Autoimmune/Immune Mediated illness – to date at least 16 conditions have been documented in the UK vizsla..  Those most frequently encountered are Atopy/Allergies, Polymyositis, Sebaceous Adenitis and Steroid Responsive Meningitis/Arteritis. Also Immune Mediated Haemolytic Anaemia and Thrombocytopaenia are being frequently reported – read more
4. Hip Dysplasia – read more
5. Glaucoma – more cases are being reported (already schedule B) – read more

To enhance understanding of existing and emerging problems all vizsla owners are asked to complete the breed health survey. It is vital for the future well being of the Hungarian Vizsla that breeders and owners are honest and forthcoming about any problems that they have experienced.
In addition –here in the UK – there are currently three research areas in which we are seeking owner participation:

  • Epilepsy  here
  • Polymyopathy – here
  • Immune Mediated Illness – here
  • Glaucoma

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The HVC health co-ordinator is Sue Millson:
Telephone: 01892 834178
or contact by email