Vizsla Muscle Disease

There is a recently recognised disease in the Hungarian Vizsla. It is a breed associated muscle disorder known as “Vizsla Inflammatory Polymyopathy” VIP for short. The principal clinical signs are

  • swallowing problems
  • regurgitation
  • excessive foamy drooling and
  • muscle wasting (especially around the head)

This website describes the disease in more detail and also provides information on diagnosis and treatment. Here is some veterinary information and a recent research article

We need to hear from any vizsla owner, breeder or vet that has had experience of the condition. Please make contact

Vizsla Inflammatory Polymyopathy (VIP)
Vizsla Inflammatory Polymyopathy (VIP)
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DNA Research

There is a scheme to collect saliva samples from affected dogs and their relatives. See this open pedigree registry Certain control samples are also required

The aim is to develop a genetic tool that breeders can use to help eliminate this serious condition from the breed.

Some progress has been made with the research but more funding is required

What is desperately needed is for all owners to make contact to say “my vizsla’s pedigree name is XXX – would his/her sample be useful for the research” All communications are dealt with swiftly – and in strictest confidence.

Sample collection is quick and easy . All participants are provided with everything that is required and there are no costs to the owner. Even the postage is prepaid.

The sample will be sent to CIGMR (the Centre for Integrated Genomic Medical Research) and will be completely confidential and anonymous once it is entered in to the DNA archive. No information will be reported back to the owner – or to anybody else in the breed. This is because it will only be possible to find out which genes and environmental factors are involved by identifying patterns in large numbers of affected and unaffected animals.

Breeding Guidelines

HVC Breeding Guidelines to reduce VIP risk can be found here