Immune mediated illnesses

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Immune mediated diseases are not uncommon in the vizsla and the HVC asks all owners to report instances so that the conditions can continue to be monitored.This is important for the future health and well being of the breed.

The auto immune/immune mediated  illnesses that are described on the vizsla health website have all been known to present in the breed –  with an especial frequency for  atopy/allergies/intolerances, Polymyositis, Sebaceous Adenitis, Polyarthritis and Steroid Responsive Meningitis/Arteritis. Immune Mediated Haemolytic Anaemia and Thrombocytopaenia also seem to be over represented.

A breed specific presentation of Vizsla Polymyositis has only recently been recognised and there is more information here

Autoimmune disease is multi-factorial, meaning several things must happen for an individual to become ill. A trigger is always required and this is something that is also being investigated

If your vizsla suffers from an immune related disorder please complete this online questionnaire in respect of ALL vizslas that you know to have had a problem. The further back in time that we can go then the more useful the information will be

It is vital for the future wellbeing of the Hungarian Vizsla that people are honest and forthcoming. Please help if you can. Everybody has a chance to make a difference. Even  tiny bits of information will contribute to the biggest understanding of how we might help our vizslas stay healthy.

Confidentiality is assured. Please make contact if advice is needed

This survey in to immune mediated disease is separate from and additional to the general health surveys conducted by Sue Millson – our breed health coordinator

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