Hungarian Vizsla Club website

Welcome to the Hungarian Vizsla Club, the oldest UK organisation that is dedicated to the Hungarian Vizsla. The Club was founded in 1968 and is recognised by the Kennel Club as one of the two official Hungarian Vizsla Breed sites.
You can completely rely upon the information provided here, it is unbiased and has no motive other than the well being of the Vizsla.
We would like to invite all of you to become members of the Club. Whether you have a Vizsla or not, whether your dog is a companion or takes part in events, whether you are young or old(er) we need you and we welcome whatever you have to say.
We can help you with many aspects of the Hungarian Vizsla -

  • Reputable breeders.
  • puppies that may be available which have been bred in accordance with the Code of Best Practice.
  • puppy rearing.
  • general healthcare
  • Vizsla behaviour

For help or advice please contact any member of the committee.
To become a member go to the About the Club pages and download the application form.
Please be very careful of websites other than the two official Breed sites, this one and the HVS. Many websites are very attractive but some could be more interested in the money that results from selling a large number of puppies, rather than the continuing welfare of the puppies themselves.

Please check our Noticeboard for all the latest information.